Your Global Partner

  • Source Your Needs Overseas
  • Handle import procedures
  • Deliver to your Door
  • Reduce Your purchasing Costs
  • Assist you in a new market
  • Increase your global Sales


Operating Since 1999

Strategic Global Sourcing Ltd. (SGS Sourcing) is a well-established multinational company incorporated in Canada and USA with representative office in China. We help large and medium sized North American and Asia companies, access the global supply chain to reduce their costs, ultimately increase their competitiveness in the global market.  By utilizing our connections in Canada, China and the USA, we assist you to expand globally. 

Operating successfully since 1999, we help companies source the qualified products at a lower costs while avoiding global market’s uncertainties. By taking advantage of our connections in those three regions, we help companies to enter and expand to the global market more effectively.

  • Maximize your profit margins by cost effectively sourcing your products overseas
  • Expedite the delivery of your products on time, when you need them
  • Quality control throughout the entire purchasing procedures, to ensure the delivered goods meet or exceed your expectations
  • Reduce your travel expenses and saving the cost of setting up overseas offices
  • Eliminating trade disputes and the uncertainties of overseas markets
  • Avoid foreign exchange risk by trading in your local currency
  • Increase your products’ competitiveness
  • Assist you to enter and expand to a new market
  • Increase your global revenue

SGS Sourcing, simplifies your overseas purchasing process, reducing your purchasing costs – Assist you to expand your market share locally and globally!