Strategic Global Sourcing Ltd. (SGS Sourcing) specializes in sourcing products from Asia combined with the convenience of local delivery.

SGS Sourcing is headquartered in Canada and the shareholders have been successfully operating since 1999.

With our locations in both Asia and North America, we are experienced service providers on both sides of the Pacific Ocean. SGS Sourcing is dedicated to providing one-stop, direct global sourcing services delivering products from overseas manufacturers directly to your warehouse locations.

We meet our client’s needs by coordinating all the procurement, importation and delivery requirements until the goods are delivered to your door.

Our Mission

Our goal is to provide our customers with the combined cost effective benefits of global sourcing, with the convenience of local purchasing in their local markets. We are ready to help you to achieve your global sourcing goals to create a situation benefiting both you and your customers.

Our Team

Our expert sourcing team consists of Certified International Trade Professionals, sourcing experts, factory auditors, quality control engineers and logistics & supply chain management specialists.